What is Ecommerce?


E commerce is basically electronic business through a network (the internet). E commerce has many subsets which include retailing of online products, ownership of retail shops, establishing marketplaces, mobile commerce, customer service and the most recent; mobile banking.

Online products include eBooks, movies, songs and any software material. Retail shops involve setting up a shop for goods online with a cart and incorporating a payment option in the website. Social media acts as the perfect marketing platform for retailers. In online market places, retailers open their shops in let’s say eBay, which is international, here one can chose to be a shopper or a seller and take part in trade even with an option of auctioneering.

Other services that come with e-commerce include customer service which provides online help for any problem that come your way. Established companies such as Apple take pride in this as they can communicate directly with their customers internationally. One of the best is ecommerce solution is mobile banking where you can send and receive money through your phone.

E-commerce has plenty of advantages that would attract one to take part in it. As a trader, you will be exposed to a larger market when you take your business online as compared to a physical location this is usually a plus for many. As a seller, you are bound to evade the cost of rent, electricity and other amenities. In this case one can only worry about shipping. As a customer one gets a wider selection of items which are now at reach if they were not in their locality. Here less effort is also applied as now almost everything can be shipped to your doorstep.

With all the bliss ecommerce comes with a few faults. With ecommerce, there are very few companies that offer direct customer service which tends to bring a lot of disappointment when a problem occurs. One major problem is that it depends solely on internet connection.
Nevertheless, ecommerce is the new trend today. Whether you want to buy or sell just make sure you know the game before you start.

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