The JFDP Office in Washington cordially invites you to join, explore and participate in the newly revised JFDP Website, JFDP Online. To join, please follow these instructions:

  1. Contact the JFDP Coordinator at the American Councils office in the capital city of your country, (Find your Local Office) and ask them for your Invitation Code. When you request your code, please provide the following information to the JFDP Coordinator first: Name, Year of JFDP Participation, Host Institution, Academic Category
  2. The JFDP Coordinator will respond to you with your Invitation Code.
  3. Return to the JFDP website at www.jfdp.org
  4. Find the text, Create Your Profile! Click on this hyper-link text
  5. In the Invite Code #: field enter the 8-digit ID number.
  6. Create your profile by completing all the fields (If your name does not appear in this form close the window and check you Invitation Code).
  7. Choose if you want your profile to go on the public version of the site or to be viewed by Alumni and other Fellows only.
  8. Type in your correct E-mail address, and your own unique password.
  9. Click “Submit Profile”
  10. You may now enter the JFDP eCommunity by loging-in to explore the site and the JFDP Online Community. Your username is the E-mail address that you entered in your profile.
  11. In the Alumni eCommunity, you will see many ways to access various resources as well as contribute and share information with other Alumni and current JFDP Fellows.
  12. Be sure to check back at the website often for important announcements, new informational resources, new photos in the gallery, and more.
  13. If you have any questions or technical difficulties, please write to jfdp@americancouncils.org.

Alumni, do you have your Invitation Code?

If so, Create Your Profile

NOTE: Current Fellows will automatically become members of the online Alumni upon completion of their fellowship year.